Crystalline Coating

Crystalline Coating is a Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane for Concrete and Masonry by Crystallisation Technology. Adhere Cryst, Adhere Inject, PeneSeal® CWP, Vandex Super. They withstand high hydrostatic pressure from both the positive and negative side.

Application of crystalline materials as external coatings can serve to prevent damage to existing concrete structures by entering and filling the very channels of ingress for corrosive chemicals – the pores and cracks that permeate the building material.

Crystalline coat is applied on the concrete surface and due to chemical gradient generated by the chemical concentration, the crystalline material diffuses through the concrete through interconnected pores and micro-cracks.

After the crystalline material enters the concrete, it not only fills in the channels of diffusion for aggressive chemicals, it also bonds with the concrete to become an intrinsic part of it.