Epoxy Polysulphide Sealant

Polysulphide adhesives and sealants are resins that provide a flexible and chemically resistant sealing or assembly element. Single component polysulphide resins are commonly used as construction sealants. Two component epoxy-polysulphide resins provide an adhesive with greater toughness and the sacrifice of some tensile strength compared to pure epoxy resins. Polysulphide adhesives and sealants have excellent resistance to fuels, ozone, salt water, and sunlight.

Products based on polysulphidic polymers can be formulated to be high or low modulus through the choice of polymer, cure system, or compound. They are considered to be durable in a number of adverse environments. Despite this, their resistance to heat is not exceptional.

The upper temperature limit for continuous use is less than 100°C and depends, to some extent, on the formulation. The structure of the polymer makes polysulphides inherently resistant to UV and oxidation, but this is influenced by formulation and, in particular, by polymer content.