Wall Coating

Wall Coating such as ADHEREX – LB. These are Low Build Epoxy Coating System. It produces hard chemical resistant, aesthetically pleasing coloured floor coating, dust proof areas for precision assembly sections in engineering and electronic industries etc.

High performance epoxy coating materials are used to protect concrete and steel from chemical and mechanical attack in interior, exterior and marine environments. Epoxy coating systems consist of two or more components which, when blended and applied as a film, react chemically to form a protective film of high integrity, excellent adhesion, toughness and impact resistance.

These coatings are applied in films ranging in thickness from several to over 150 mils. Coatings provide a barrier to elements which otherwise may attack the substrate. The chemical formulation of the coating material will determine its resistance to specific chemicals while resistance to mechanical loads, such as abrasion and impact, is a function of the physical properties and the thickness of the coating film.